Claims Administration

Claim denials is a major issue for managing cash flow for your organization. Ensuring claims go through a vigorous validation claim line by line can mitgate the chance of a denied claim. Not only do we provide the software to do that we automate the process and allow your coders to edit claims on the fly to get them out the door. Say hello to fewer denials and increased cashflow

Platforms for Claims Administration

Aggregating disparate data sources into one location along with data management services to allow your organization to gain insight into different facets of your business

ONC HIT 2014 certified BI/analytics platform that provides healthcare organization executives with the necessary tools and resources needed to gain a better understanding into patient population data and deliver cost effective, compliant and quality healthcare services in a timely and cost-effective manner

Scanning your 837 files before being sent to your clearing house so your coders can edit claim line errors on the fly