In an environment of uncertainty, rising costs, and growing regulation demands, healthcare organizations require access to accurate and critical data to make better-informed decisions around their clinical, financial, and operational performance. It all starts with the data. EHR and transactional systems can't provide full enterprise-wide analytics necessary for you to make the right decisions. To respond quickly and confidently to these issues, they require a business intelligence solution that will help them make the right decisions, optimize performance, improve quality of care, and accelerate compliance all while reducing costs.


Enhanced Data Model for ingesting various source data like clinical, 835/37, CMS claims, and more

Ad-Hoc Analysis

Ad-hoc analytic and reporting tool that supports self-service reporting


Dashboards that cut across all healthcare operations- clinical, financial and operational

Drill-Down Capability

Embedded drill down reports and quality scorecards to manage variations in clinical performance