Financial Services

Financial institutions compete in a market where the competition is intense and customer expectations are constantly going up. If that wasn't enough, they also must keep up with challenges like customer acquisition, retention, regulatory pressures, pricing pressures, global markets, a plethora of IT applications and a constant need to deliver profits quarter after quarter. Keeping costs under control while constantly dealing with such challenges- is the ultimate challenge.

We offer innovative IT solutions for banks and other financial services-whether you're a small asset management firm or large institution on Wall Street. From regulatory to the trading side and the post trade processes, our expertise enables us to provide unparalleled service to meet any needs. We make sure our solutions fulfill all your needs and regulatory requirements to position you for success and enhance your customer's service experience while focusing on driving down the cost of doing business.

Life & Retirement

Workman’s Compensation, D&O, Energy, Commissions, Underwriting, Claims

Property Casualty

Annuities (Variable, Fixed, SPIA), Policy Admin., Settlement, Producer Management

Investment Banking & Brokerage

Fixed Income, Equities, Order Routing, Settlement, Algorithmic Trading


Transformed and refactored core policy administration applications from a mainframe environment to a distributed open systems environment creating product flexibility and scalability.

Transformed existing content management system, rearchitected, facilitated integrations…

Transformed bank’s yield curve analysis capability by unifying fractured formulae and connected improved pricing model with real time data.

We help accelerate the transformation of your business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technology in today’s society

Our software engineering team combine strong technical expertise, industry knowledge and creative innovation to help you enhance the insights into your business to promote growth, competitiveness and profitability

Our experts have in-depth understanding of the ICH Q10, GMP and ISO 9000:2005 to work with you on all aspects of building, implementing or improving your quality systems

We provide the resources that have the domain and technology expertise to understand all your problems and what is needed to resolve them. With access to an extensive talent pool with proven commitment to excellence, you will quickly have the solutions to meet all your challenge