IoT Asset Management

A Large City Department of Health was having issues tracking mobile food vendors throughout their city. The issue with not being able to locate them is tied to the city regulations on what, where, when, who, and how a vendor can operate a mobile food cart. There are protocols in place to insure the cart does not present a safety hazard and quality checks on the food vendors are providing to reduce food-illness to those who consume a tasty meal on their way to work.

Enter Chenoa Information Services. Chenoa is a US based, global software engineering company with the expertise to design and architect a solution that meets the City’s operational needs at a cost-effective price. With our network, device and cloud partners we designed, developed, integrated and implemented the administrative and user interface applications allowing the City real-time views of mobile food vendors, battery life on devices, inspection status and licensing, just to name a few.

Constraints for this Department of Health in tracking the food carts was cellular data plans are expensive, tall buildings impact coverage availability, and IoT development expertise to create a solution. Chenoa designed a LoRaWAN network throughout the city by establishing gateways in strategic positions throughout the city rooftops. We also programmed the LoRa Devices which were mounted on top of the food carts which had a battery life of 2+ years and withstand water/snow/or heat extremes.

We integrated the network with the Azure IoT Cloud. We developed the real-time and REST interfaces to push/collect data from devices and end users along with an operational web portal that allows for system alerts, device battery life, GPS maps for assets, network alerts, and more.

Chenoa’s IoT Asset Management solution is 1/3 the price vs. cellular technology for the data plan alone. We have developed the expertise and partnerships in the IoT space to deliver a reliable and cost-efficient solution for tracking certain assets. Chenoa has implemented such a solution in a Large City - Health Department for their mobile food vendors throughout the city. Click the link for a case study on this project Case Study - Mobile Food Vendor Tracking

Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud provides a suite of IoT services which power our cloud-based solution

Operational Portal

Want to know where your assets are? Was there any issues with LoRa devices or the gateways? We provide an operational portal to monitor such activities to ensure everything runs smoothly


Low Powered Wide Area Networks allow for a lost cost solution to cellular technology