Media & Entertainment

In the digital era of e-tablets, mobile devices, video, and social networks, it’s imperative for companies to completely transition their content processes from print to digital. For over 15 years, Chenoa has expertly delivered content services and solutions to help Fortune 500 companies aggregate, manage, and deliver content worldwide.

Our comprehensive suite of content services and solutions are made possible from deep knowledge and expertise that our technical experts possess in content solutions and customer relationship management. They are skilled in content workflow, digital media, project management, CRM, automation testing, cross platform compatibility, and video editing.

To empower companies to maximize the value of your content, we support and offer companies the flexibility and scalability to choose from a wide range of services:

Content Solutions

  • Aggregation
  • Processing
  • Authoring
  • Delivery

Customer Relationship Management

  • Subscription Management
  • Integration of digital media with


Designed and developed online Event Management Engine, enabling event related information and meta-data from event ticketing partners for distribution across all digital channels.

Rearchitected content pipeline and content distribution system to enable scalable and fault tolerant data feeds and categorization from various news streams. Content was classified under searchable categories providing customers customized real-time alerts and content.

Designed and delivered REST API based solution for comprehensive subscription management services of news content (print and digital) for large media company.

We help accelerate the transformation of your business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technology in today’s society

Our software engineering team combine strong technical expertise, industry knowledge and creative innovation to help you enhance the insights into your business to promote growth, competitiveness and profitability

Our experts have in-depth understanding of the ICH Q10, GMP and ISO 9000:2005 to work with you on all aspects of building, implementing or improving your quality systems

We provide the resources that have the domain and technology expertise to understand all your problems and what is needed to resolve them. With access to an extensive talent pool with proven commitment to excellence, you will quickly have the solutions to meet all your challenge