Acuity Based ICU Staffing

Our Chief Nursing Officer solution provides high-level insights to assist with management-level decision making. We understand that matching patients with nursing staff requires assimilating various data points to create the best outcomes for patients and staff. With our solution users can quickly determine the overall acuity level of specific care areas with respect to the number of nurses available for care.

Platforms for Acuity Based ICU Staffing

Aggregating disparate data sources into one location along with data management services to allow your organization to gain insight into different facets of your business

ONC HIT 2014 certified BI/analytics platform that provides healthcare organization executives with the necessary tools and resources needed to gain a better understanding into patient population data and deliver cost effective, compliant and quality healthcare services in a timely and cost-effective manner

Mandated staffing ratios between nurse and patients are impacting states across the nation. Our solution lets your managers stay on top of current and future staffing needs within departments