CMS created a program called Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CCJR) which provides Healthcare Providers with an episode-based payment for total knee and hip replacements. Healthcare Providers can either save money by reducing unnecessary cost or lose money from failing to contain over utilization. OrthoVitals is a mobile/web application that educates/monitors patients on the entire surgical process and when they should be admitted to the ER or SNF facility


Pre-Op Evaluation

Assessment tool used to see if patient is ready for surgery by testing their medical, functional and social status

Risk Assessment

Providers can assess if a patient is at high risk for Surgical Site Infection, Re-admissions, DVT Prophylaxis, or Falling

Discharge Formulation

Optimize patient knowledge/education to increase discharge rates to home with Orthovital monitoring instead of being admitted into a SNF or Hospice facility

Home Monitoring

Now that the patient is our of the facility and at home you monitor your patients vitals, gather wound photos, and communicate with the patient through any smart device