Public and Government Agencies

Identifying and addressing worldwide health problems for citizens, while staying up-to-date with technology and ever-evolving regulations, are just a few of the challenges public and government health agencies face daily. These agencies must adapt to these challenges and modernize the way they administer and manage healthcare to ensure any population-wide health problems are addressed. We've established proven solutions based on best practices that allow us to address these challenges, while at the same time protecting patient privacy and reducing risk and costs.


State Department of Health utilizes Chenoa’s Datapearl Analytics Platform for population health and quality measure reporting

The Chenoa innovation team guided a large Wisconsin City in automating their document management systems and digitally extending their services to their constituents

Driving digital transformation and innovation our team incorporated biometric services to a large New Jersey County document management system, including finger print and iris scanning technologies for secure access and signatures

We help accelerate the transformation of your business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technology in today’s society

Our software engineering team combine strong technical expertise, industry knowledge and creative innovation to help you enhance the insights into your business to promote growth, competitiveness and profitability

Our experts have in-depth understanding of the ICH Q10, GMP and ISO 9000:2005 to work with you on all aspects of building, implementing or improving your quality systems

We provide the resources that have the domain and technology expertise to understand all your problems and what is needed to resolve them. With access to an extensive talent pool with proven commitment to excellence, you will quickly have the solutions to meet all your challenge

Providing technology solutions to keep your organization delivering high quality of care at a lower price point. Utilize all our solutions to ensure your patient population stays as healthy as a horse

Mange patients without the manual operations. We automate care plans, daily alerts and activities to improve your patients outcomes

Lowering utilization cost is one portion of new value based programs like MIPS and APM's, but quality metrics is the other. Increase your quality metrics with interactive dashboards with drill down capabilities

Claim Denials can put a real hinder on your practices cash flow. Stay ahead of the curve with our claims engine that ensures you send only clean claims to your clearing house

Aggregating disparate data sources into one location along with data management services to allow your organization to gain insight into different facets of your business

Managing your patients with our cloud-based solution that allows your care managers to create care plans, schedule interventions, and provide patients with relevant education

ONC HIT 2014 certified BI/analytics platform that provides healthcare organization executives with the necessary tools and resources needed to gain a better understanding into patient population data and deliver cost effective, compliant and quality healthcare services in a timely and cost-effective manner

Scanning your 837 files before being sent to your clearing house so your coders can edit claim line errors on the fly